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Didier Malherbe

Widely acclaimed as one of the great masters of wind instruments, Parisian Didier Malherbe started on saxophone when he was 13, after hearing Charlie Parker's Bloomdido, from the Bird and Dizz album. 12 years later, Bloomdido Bad de Grass became his nickname in the group GONG incorporating the literal translation of Malherbe into franglais.Between ages 13 and 20, he studied alto, then tenor saxophone with a classical teacher as well as jamming jazzmen at 'Le Chat qui peche' club. A trip to India & Afghanistan in the early sixties introduced him to ragas, modal music and the bamboo flute. Back in France, he studied classical flute with René Leroy. His rock education started in 1967, when he performed in Les Idoles, a comédie musicale influenced by the Living Theater. Listening to a Soft Machine concert turned him on to a fusion approach of music.

In the ambience of the freaky revolution in Paris in May 1968, he met Australian singer, guitarist and poet, ex-Soft Machine member, Daevid Allen with whom he was to create GONG. This international community band incubated in Deya, Mallorca, and toured France and Europe before it was taken on to the British scene starting at the first Glastonbury Festival in June 1971.
Virgin Records signed them, and their album Camembert Electrique hit the charts.
GONG toured extensively around the U.K. and Europe, while producing the albums of their legendary Radio Gnome trilogy: Flying Teapot, Angel's Egg and You
During this time Didier also played sessions for the soundtrack to 'Chappaqua" with Ravi Shankar, free jazz with austere vegetarian and yogi, Burton Green- Aquariana (BYG vol 8529308 - '69), contributed to Kevin Ayers Whatevershebringswesing (Harvest SHVL800 - '72) and COMUSTo keep from crying (Virgin V2018 - '74).
In 1975, when Allen split from GONG , Didier formed other line-ups with Steve Hillage, Mike Howlett, Pierre Moerlen 1976's Shamal . then Alan Holdsworth, Mino Cinelu 1977's Gazeuse. Two masterpieces of Jazz-rock legend.

Didier's turn to leave GONG came in 1978. Back in France, he put together his 5-piece BLOOM . band, releasing an eponymous jazz-rock style album on E.M.I.
Throughout the early 1980's, he was touring and recording with numerous artists.
From 1985 to 1988, he was part of Faton-Bloom, along with Faton Cahen, the original pianist for
Magma. This group played big jazz festivals and released a CD Faton Bloom (Cyronic MAD3029).
In the later 80's, he toured the U.S. with Pierre Bensusan , and Japan with Brigitte Fontaine.
In 1989 he added the WX7 Yamaha wind synthesizer to his set-up.
He met Daevid Allen again and started Gongmaison.
1990 saw the release of Fetish , his second solo album, even though it involved the participation of 15 musicians.
This album explores passion and other aspects of Fire through a great diversity of moods, including folky, jazzy,
French Rap, and electronic jungles...
In 1991 and 1992, he was a member of Shapeshifter Gong and currently part of Shortwave , with
Hugh Hopper, Pip Pyle, and Phil Miller.

His third album Zeff was released in October 1992, for the label Tangram.
The title of the album is derived from Zephyr, and is also the name he gave to a plastic, circular bass flute which he played for VANGELIS on the soundtrack of Ridley SCOTT's movie "1492 Conquest of Paradise" as well as on the daily jingles for France Television 3 . The album was acclaimed with a ffff in Telerama, one of the best french awards.
Having spent many years absorbing musical and rhythmic influences from around the world, Didier developed an avid interest in collecting exotic instruments, each of which offers the opportunity to explore and embrace new styles of playing and approaches to composing.

1994 saw the release of his fourth solo album Fluvius , which featured : Loy EHRLICH on keyboards  and ethnic string instruments like hajouj and bolong, Henri AGNEL on guitar, mandolin and sarod Shamal MAÏTRA on tablas and percussions.
Didier played sopranino and soprano Saxophones, classical, piccolo and bamboo Flutes. Fluvius is a pastoral album that depicts the life and times of a river, and all the different places through which the river flows.This record completed a series on the elements : Bloom-earth, Fetish-fire, Zeff-air, Fluvius-water.
With each solo album, Didier surprises the listener with newly discovered or mastered instruments and sounds, making every record unique to itself, filled with a fresh excitement and spirit of adventure.

1996's album is really a duet with Loy EHRLICH from the Fluvius band,   Hadouk is a word composed of : Ha jouj - an African three stringed bass, played by the Gnawas from Morocco - and Doudouk - an Armenian double-reed instrument.They use both of these instruments in a very personal way. . Other instruments are / bamboo flutes, bamboo clarinet,ocarinas, Ukrainian double-flute, soprano saxophone, kora, bolong, sanza, a touch of synth and percussions, Steve Shehan on one number. The inspiration is based on nature simplicity and feeling. The result is yet another adventurous musical journey, quietly couched in simple melodies and structures. In 1999 Hadouk is Released in the States on Zebra Acoustic.

"Didier delves deeper into his unique Malherbian cosmos with fellow travellers
Ahost of unfamiliar instruments are on display. You know what these are?:- Guimbarde, Hajouj , Aouicha, Bolong,
Sanza-m'bira, Sapilka, Pekou, Kaval and the Doudouk ! Anyway they all seem to make wonderful noises in the expert hands of Didier & Loy. I assume track seven, 'Montaulieu' is inspired by the place of the same name in France. Where long ago one of the first versions of Gong used to gather round the fire pit and make music under the stars and where Dr Mishra had his'ashram'. Didier does not stay still for long, the series of CDs Fetish, Zeff, Fluvius and now Hadouk are all different but the spirit of adventure, melodies and the general ambience are all just wonderfully Didier. Warmly recommended." Tim Flatus
The 25th Birthday Party for Gong in 1994 created a resurgence of interest in the classic 70s lineup. In addition to several world tours 96/97/98/99with GONG since then, Didier still finds time to record and tour with other atists who are best-known in France --such as Brigitte Fontaine and with guitarist Pierre Bensusan , with whom he published the duet album Live at the New Morning . which is also released in the United States as Live in Paris.

Since 96 Didier toured with Hadouk Trio DM on wind instruments Loy Ehrlich on strings and Steve Shehan on percussives, a trio of adventure-seeking multi-instrumentalists who are adroit at freeing both your mind and your body.

1999 - Shamanimal label Celluloïd, this time by the Hadouk Trio  with   Loy Ehrlich  and  Steve Shehan.
1999 finds Didier performing in several contexts (duo, trios, and Gong) Participating along with Annie Whitehead in Robert Wyatt's Project Soup Songs for the London Jazz Festival
When he's not busy playing, recording and rehearsing, Didier spends his time working on an extensive collection of sonnets which he has composed over the years.
"With a passion for always forging ahead into uncharted territory, Didier desires to liberate the spirit of each wind instrument he encounters. The act of liberating the spirit of the instrument is what, in turn, liberates the spirit of the listener. Because of the mastery of myriad instruments and his ability to blend styles seamlessly, he has remained one of the most-demanded studio session musicians in France, and is admired the world over."

2000 - New CD Gong 02 Infinity Hadouk Trio Classic Gong tours Summer 2000 Didier Malherbe Trio with Patrice Meyer Guitares Philippe Foch Percussions

1st International Duduk F estival Armenia Didier, who plays armenian duduk in a self-taught way since quite a few years and has played it on three of his CDs already, has been invited to participate to the Yerevan Duduk Festival, august 3, 4 & 5 , 2001.The great virtuoso of the duduk, Djivan Gasparian , is interested to hear other ways of playing this marvelous instrument than the one of the tradition, productive of such wonderful musics, since many centuries....Are also invited an english musician, Dirk Campbell, a german one and an american......
Publication L'ANCHEDESMÉTAMORPHOSES book of 128 sonnets about the reed and others musical subjects.
Composition of the music for a new CD HadoukTrio.

April 2002 in Russia !!!
Didier is invited in Russia to participate a collective creation under the direction of the great duduk player Djivan Gasparian : the prestigious Bolchoï Theater in Moscow, on april the 8th, and St Petersburg on the 10th.
There will be italian , russian, israelian and armenian musicians. Didier is going along with his friend guitarist Patrice Meyer.
2002 - Recording of a new CD HADOUK NOW   HadoukTrio , L'ANCHEDESMÉTAMORPHOSES poem and music performances

2003 - Hadouk Now (Celluloïd/Mélodie) CD by Hadouk Trio, D.M, Loy Ehrlich and Steve Shehan.
Shows poetry/music L'AN C H E D E S M É T A M O R P H O S E S
Concerts in Russia at Bolchoï with Djivan Gasparian
Travel in Laos, for a creation and workshops with laotian musicians
Musée de la Musique Cité de la Villette - Peaux et Vent : Musical tale for children
Concerts Hadouk Trio tour- Ile de la Réunion - Festival des Clarinettes - Sunset - Rotterdam
2004 - Hadouk trio CD Live à Fip, concerts Jazz sous les Pommiers, Festival of San Sébastian, résident at théâtre of Briançon
2005 - DVD Live au Satellit café on label naïve, recording CD Utopies


Loy Ehrlich


Keyboards, Hajouj (Gnawa bass) / Kora, Synth / Composer, Arranger, Producer.

Born in Paris in 1950. At the age of 5, studies
piano during 12 years.
1968-1971 Travels around, gets into indian and african
cultures. Gnawas of Morocco,
Jazz-Rock ! New planet : Gong ! . . .

1972-1973 1st concert with Didier Malherbe & Kevin Ayers in Birmingham.
Plays with Alan Jack, Crium Délirium (C.D. Legend musique ) & J. Higelin.

1974-1976 Creates with Wasis Diop the group West African Cosmos (CD CBS)

1977-1982 Lives in the Réunion Island, where he creates Carrousel, (CD Discorama).

1983-1985 Plays with Touré Kounda 3 CD : Paris - Zinguinchar & Natalia ( Celluloïd )
also works with Bill Laswell, Ginger Baker.

1986-1987 Member of «Les Visiteurs» with Louis Bertignac (Ex-Téléphone) 2 CD Virgin.
1988-1990 Plays with Youssou N'Dour - World wide tour Amnesty International with Peter
Gabriel, Sting, Bruce Springsteen & Tracy Chapman.
CD :The Lion produced by P.Gabriel.

1991 Works with Amina, John Lurie (CD Japan )
Composes film musics: " Le vagabond des mers "- " Blanc d'Ébène ".

1992 Plays with Ti Fock (2 CD : Aniel & Don Douleur ).
Seville World Exhibition with Jon Hassel & Steve Shehan.
Participates to the albums of Antoine Tomé, Gong ( Shapeshifter)
CD Zeff (Didier Malherbe), Amina (Wadiyé).

1993 1st solo album : «les Iles du Désert» (Tangram)
Works with Wasis Diop (CD Night & Day) & Native (CD).

1994 CD Fluvius with Didier Malherbe + Concerts.
Plays with Sofi Hellborg (CD Night & Day) Jacques Higelin (CD EMI)
Composes music of the film " Le Ballon d'or ".

1995-1996 CD Hadouk with D.Malherbe + Concerts.
plays with Wasis Diop ( CD No Sant)
Produces the CD of René Lacaille (Discorama) Tours with G. Oryema.

1997 Works on the production of the new CD of Geoffrey Oryema
& Wasis Diop (CD TOXU ).

1998 Concerts & preparation of the new CD of the trio Ehrlich-Malherbe-Shehan
Gnawa music Festival of Essaouira (Morocco) .

1999 CD Shamanimal (Celluloïd) with Steve Shehan & Didier Malherbe.

2000-2001 Tours with Hadouk trio, Geoffrey Oryema, J-P Rykiel and Lama Gyurme.
Artistic Producer for Gnawa music festival Essaouira MorocoI

2002- Products CD of Diogal "Samba alla "(Melodie)
and the CD Hadouk "Now" (Melodie)
Records Lokua Kanza, Bijan Chemirani, Houria Aichi;
Soundtrack for "le Prix du pardon " with W Diop et Youssou N'dour
Tour and CD "hommage à Alain Peters"(Cobalt) with Danyel Waro and René Lacaille

2003 -2004 : Artistic director of the Gnawa music Festival of Essaouira (Morocco) .
CDs Essaouira "live" 2002 and 2003
Produicts CD of Diogal "Liir" ( Melodie)
Recording of the CD Hadouk "live à Fip" (Melodie),
Recording of the DVD Hadouk "en concert au Satellit café" (Naïve)

Steve Shehan

Composer, performer, multi-instrumentalist, pilot and adventurer Steve Shehan was born in 1957 in Ft. Eustis, Virginia. He spent his early childhood in the Florida Keys, coming to Europe to pursue academic and musical studies. His work as a professional musician began in 1976 while in Sweden. He has been based in France since 1978, though his travels since this time have led him virtually around the globe.
Shehan's musical development has undergone divers influences through his working as a purcussionist and bassist with artists such as Jon Hassell, Leonard Bernstein, John McLaughlin, Paul Simon, Ryuichi Sakamoto, le mystere des voix bulgares and others.
Influenced greatly by his travels and exposure to many obscure indigenous cultures; Shehan's work with traditionally trained musicians has led him to create musical sounds and atmospheres at once rooted in the past and evocative of a new cultural landscape.






 Hadouk Trio :

> Shamanimal | Hadouk Trio | Celluloid / Mélodie | 1999

> Now | Hadouk Trio | Celluloid / Mélodie | 2002

> Live A FiP | Hadouk Trio | Celluloid / Mélodie | 2004

> Utopies | Hadouk Trio | Naïve | 2006

> Baldamore | Hadouk Trio | Naïve | 2007

> Air Hadouk | Hadouk Trio | Naïve | 2010


As a Leader or co-leader

> Arrows | Steve Shehan | Made To Measure Crammed | 1990

> Figaro Si | Steve Shehan & Dominique Figaro | K-Vox | 1995

> Versecret | Steve Shehan | Safar | 1997

> Plénitudes | Steve Shehan | K-Vox / Origins | 1998

> Amok | Steve Shehan | Safar | 1998, 2006 (réédition)

> Roads | Steve Shehan | Vox Terrae | 2002

> Assouf | Steve Shehan & Baly Othmani | Safar | 2006 (réédition)

> Assarouf | Steve Shehan & Baly Othmani | Safar | 2006 (réédition)

> Safar | Steve Shehan | Safar | 2006 (réédition)

> Indigo Dreams | Steve Shehan | Safar | 2006 (réédition)

> Elevations | Steve Shehan & Reza Derakshani | Safar | 2006

> Assikel Steve Shehan & Baly Othmani | Safar | 2008

> Awalin | Steve Shehan & Nabil Othmani | Safar | 2009